About DCC

In order to conduct scientifically sound clinical trials and obtain high-quality evidence, it is of the utmost importance to develop appropriate study protocols, collect reliable data, and perform accurate statistical analysis of study results.
Staffed by biostatisticians, data managers and other experts, the Data Coordinating Center provides support for clinical trials with the goal to enhance the accuracy. Specifically, the Data Coordinating Center is divided into five groups - the Patient Registration and Allocation Group, Data Management Group, Biostatistics Group, Image Analysis Group, and IT Support Group- and performs the following tasks: support for creation of both study protocols and case report forms, patient registration and allocation, data management, database creation and maintenance, and statistical analysis.
The Data Coordinating Center also establishes the EDC system and multicenter disease databases with the Department of Medical Informatics.

Patient Enrollment

Eligibility check in accordance with protocols
Subjects registration
Allocation of subjects to treatment groups in randomized controlled trials

Data Management

Case report forms (CRFs) design
Computer data preparation
Data quality control by data verification

Statistical Analysis

Statistical consultant
Sample size calculation
Statistical analysis

Information Technology Support

Supporting of the constructing the system, database, and network which can efficiently collect the required data for clinical researches

Clinical Image Analysis

Under construction